In its shareholder/investor relations, ROSSETI pursues an important goal of making the Company more attractive to investors, including by enhancing transparency, adhering to a stable dividend policy, and increasing the liquidity of its securities.

The Company maintains regular dialog with the investor community

On continuing basis, the Company’s IR department holds events based on the publication of the Company’s results, organizes road shows for investors, and participates in investor conferences of Russian and foreign investment banks.


Organizing Bank

Q1 2014

Annual Depositary Receipt Issuers’ Conference

BNY Mellon

Investor conference

Raiffeisen Bank

Q2 2014

Investor conference


Q3 2014

Russia: The Inside Track annual investment conference

Sberbank CIB

Q4 2014

6th Annual Investment Forum

VTB Capital

Power Industry Day

BCS Financial Group

The Company’s IR department held a number of meetings with the investor community in 2014.

To maintain constant dialog with investors, analysts, and stock exchanges and comply with disclosure rules and practices, the Company uses a whole range of tools: one-on-one meetings with investors at Russian and international investment forums, conference calls discussing disclosed financial performance, disclosures on the London Stock Exchange, annual and social reports submitted to shareholders.

In 2014, ROSSETI’s efforts in this area did not go unnoticed, and experts recognized the level of the Company’s disclosures as one of the best.

In 2014 ROSSETI won a prize of the 17th annual nationwide contest of annual reports and corporate websites organized by the Moscow Exchange and RCB Media Group for the best disclosure

This category is one of the most prestigious because companies are analyzed with respect to the level of disclosure not only in corporate reports but also in other information instruments intended for shareholders and investors.

ROSSETI’s 2013 annual report was also recognized as a leader in sustainability disclosure according to Expert RA Rating Agency’s annual review of best practices in disclosure in annual reports

This achievement proves that the Company’s executives are committed to sustainability values and high standards of corporate culture.

The Company’s IR department holds annual seminars for sharehol­der/investor relations departments of Russian electric grid companies. The seminars are intended to upgrade qualifications and professional skills of shareholder relations personnel of ROSSETI’s subsidiaries.

The main disclosure channel is the regularly updated corporate website at, containing a large amount of up-to-date information on the Company and its results. Additionally, the Company’s top management regularly appears in leading media outlets.

The Company is interested in expanding analyst coverage. Work is underway to develop additional IR tools to improve disclosure quality and make it more convenient for investment bank analysts to deal with operational and financial indicators.

At present, analyst coverage is provided for the Company’s shares by 13 investment banks and companies