In 2014, ROSSETI continued to develop the Company’s social policy, maintaining high standards of social responsibility to employees. ROSSETI’s subsidiaries and dependent companies have collective bargaining agreements based on the Sectoral Wage Rate Agreement in the Electric Power Industry. The agreements specify all social guarantees provided for employees in the electric grid sector.

In 2014, the obligations under the collective bargaining agreements were performed in full.

The ROSSETI Group gives special attention to disease prevention and health protection. For this purpose, the Company takes measures to improve employee health, including regular medical examinations, sporting events, assistance in summertime rest and recreation.

An important aspect of the Company’s social policy is the housing policy. ROSSETI and its subsidiaries and dependent companies developed regulations to improve the living conditions of employees. The main goals of the regulations are to create and ensure the affordability and transparency of corporate assistance and support for employees in the improvement of their living conditions.


Fulfilling the obligations to participate ingovernmental pension insurance, compulsory health insurance, and compulsory insurance against occupational accidents, ROSSETI supports and develops additional corporate voluntary health insurance, voluntary insurance against accidents and diseases, and non-state pension coverage