Developing the Arctic is a priority for the Russian government’s policy. ROSSETI takes an active part in the development of polar regions.

ROSSETI’s Director General Oleg Budargin is a member of the State Commission on Arctic Development and the vice president of the Association of Polar Explorers (ASPOL) and chairs the ASPOL public commission on environmental protection.

The State Commission is established to organize the interaction among executive authorities, local government authorities, and organizations in dealing with socioeconomic and environmental issues related to the development of Russia’s Arctic zone and protect natio­nal security. The State Commission is chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

At the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2014, ROSSETI’s Director General Oleg Budargin and ASPOL President Artur Chilingarov signed an agreement for long-term cooperation between ROSSETI and the Association of Polar Explorers in the area of developing the Far North, Arctic, and Antarctic. The agreement is aimed at implementing the Russian government’s policy in polar regions, provides for the formulation and implementation of comprehensive programs for environmental conservation and protection, and specifies the development of electricity supply in polar regions.

ROSSETI provides support and takes part in ASPOL’s annual International Forum “The Arctic: Present and Future.” The forum is an information platform for gathering expert opinions and public initiatives for projects aimed at the achievement of Russia’s strategic objectives in the Arctic.

ROSSETI cooperates extensively with WWF Russia and participates in joint fundraising campaigns. Gathered donations are used to purchase special equipment for scientific expeditions to the Arctic.